Email Subscription Form



Email subscription form is very easy to use email subscription form built to create subscription list of emails. Lists can store email address locally or can post to email marketing services like mailchimp , Constant Contact and Aweber.

Most important features include ...

  • Fully design templated (HTML and CSS)
  • Designer friendly
  • Ready made templates to to use so administrator friendly
  • Can be use multiple times on same site or on various portals in same dnn and all can have differnet user interfaces.
  • Fully AXAX (web 2.0 interface)

Supported Email marketing services

Supported features at a glance


Email Signup module allows to easily create a sign-up list of verified email addresses.

A DotNetNuke portal administrator can place an instance of the module on a page and customize the sign-up message and the email verification message. The captured data can also be exported to Excel.

MailChimp Integration
Subscribing users and visitors to MailChimp service via a web form.
Constant Contact Integration
Subscribing users and visitors to Constant Contact service via a web form.
AWeber Integration
Subscribing users and visitors to AWeber service via a web form.
Display Templates
The form has display template page to quickly edit the look and feel (color, form width etc). However, for advanced users now you can format the CSS directly to change the look and feel of the module.
Manage Email Template
Emails are templatized.
Configure CSS
You can format the CSS directly to change the look and feel of the module.You can format the CSS directly to change the look and feel of the module.
Exportable Subscription List
Save your email address before sending the email. So you can visit the module any time and see submitted email address. What's more, just click on download and get an xml file with all form submitted data till now. This XML file can easily be opened in Ms Excel
Fully Ajax Supported
Module is having Multi Language support interfaces.  

DNN Compatibility

Microsoft Azure Cloud Ready
Evoq Ready
DNN 9x Compatible
DNN 8X Compatible
DNN 7.x Compatible
DNN 6.x Compatible
DNN 5.x (contact us for DNN Upgrade)
DNN 4.x (contact us for DNN Upgrade)
SQL 2008 Express and above

30 Days Money Back guarantee

Try our module, if it does not serve your purpose or does not work for you. We will refund your full money. However please note that this money back guarantee does is only valid till one month from date of purchase and does not apply to "source code included" options.

Products Upgrades

You will receive free upgrades for any bug fixes/major or minor releases up to 6 months from date of purchase for portal and standard versions and 1 year for enterprise versions.
Product upgrades are released through Store Patch/Update service.
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Help and support

Package contains a user guide.PDF for details on how to use this module. If you need more direct assistance then please open a helpdesk ticket and our support staff will assist you right away.

Feature Request?

You are welcome to suggest a feature to any of the existing module or suggest a completely new module.

Theming Assistance?

The module provides all easy ways to customize the look and feel. However, we will be happy to assist if some help is required to match your style.

Bespoke Development?

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