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Enterprise License w/ Source
Standard Features
Advanced Features
SQL 2008 and above
SQL 2008 and above
SQL 2008 and above
SQL 2008 and above
DNN 9x support
DNN 8x support
DNN 7x support
DNN 6x support
DNN 5x support
DNN 4x support
Source Code
Single DNN Portal
Multiple portals
on one DNN installation
Multiple portals and
multiple DNN installations
Same as enterprise License
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What's New?
Version 3.4.0
DNN 7.3.0 Ready
Version 3.3.0
DNN 7.2.0 Ready
Version 3.2.0
DNN 7.1.1 Ready
Version 3.1.0
DNN 7.0.4 Ready
Version 3.0.0
DNN 7.0 Ready
Version 2.9.0
DNN on Windows Azure Ready
Version 2.8.0
DNN 6.2.4 support
Version 2.7.0
Few Bug Fixes
Version 2.6.0
DNN 6.2.3 support
Version 2.5.0
DNN 6.2.2 support
Version 2.4.0
DNN 6.2.1 support
Version 2.3.0
New Feature: Customize rating & review panel template
Version 2.2.0
DNN 6.1.5 Support
New Feature: Allow registered users to post comments anonymously
Version 2.1.0
DNN 6.1.2 Support
Few bug fixes
Version 2.0.0
DNN 6.0 Support
New Themes
Few bug fixes
Version 1.7
All new look and feel.
New themes
New rating Icons
Inbuilt support for dnn profile images (DNN 5.3 and above)
Inbuilt support for dnn profile images (DNN 5.3 and above)
New feature to enable/disable point System
New feature to suppress asking user name,email and website from logged in users
Version 1.6.1
New Comment Date display format. Now dates are more meaningful and show up like comment posted "3 hrs ago"
New feature to showing comments per page ( showing x -y of z comments).
Now sort your comments the way you need. Allow users to sort as well as configure default sort.
Comment moderation is now completely revamped and now administrators can use a single window to moderate 'all he comments on a portal".
Comment replies now carry a nice indicator saying "in reply of ".
Optimization of the new Cross linking feature for speed and simplicity.
Version 1.5.0
Completely re-engineered cross linking feature. Now get "fast cross linking" results on pages that use many number of embedded cross links.
New "Custom key" support. now attach your rating and comments to a custom key(string) and use the same key on multiple pages and get the same comments. Useful for example in cases where you have product that is described on multiple pages and want to attach comments for that product on each page.
new setting to "hide reported comments" immediately
All new email templates with more information and better formatting.
All mails are now sent asynchronously to improve user response time.
GRAVATAR Support added
Custom profile image support added
Profile URL supported added
DoFollow and noFollow tags for controlled SEO on profile URLs
Now you can copy the module along with its settings
Optional Permalink Support
Many small bug fixes related to localization otherwise
Many internal code and performance enhancements
Version 1.3.5
New Token [CommentText]. You can use it to send full comment in email notifications.
Important Bug Fix: IE8 Comment posting issues resolved
Important Bug Fix: Enable/disable email notifications now works correctly
Version 1.3.1
You can customize the display name of of comment poster. Choose between first name, user name etc
New mail notification that is sent out to when any new comment is posted.
Version 1.2.5Now easily delete all existing and comments are rating by single button click. You can delete all ratings and all comments separately.
Version 1.2.4
Paging support added.
Limit number of characters that can be entered as comment and also show remaining characters count while comments are entered.
REVIEW MODE: New setting introduced, that will allow you to give rating and comments side by side. Each user's rating will be displayed along with the his posted comment. Please visit the demo pages to see this functioning.
CROSS LINKING: What is it? Ever wanted to add rating summary on to some other page? Now you can. Just copy/paste few lines of code to any module that supports text/html and you can cross link information from from any rating module to any other page. See it working on the demo pages
Support for Right to Left languages included.
CAPTCHA Support Added.
Version 1.2
Now administrators can delete individual comments or complete threads
The module now comes with much improved Comment moderation procedure.
Separate configuration options for each instance.
Version 1.1
Now, allows users to change their ratings at any point of time
AJAX(jQuery) based rating and comments voting.
Many usability features based on user experiences.