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SQL 2008 and above
SQL 2008 and above
SQL 2008 and above
SQL 2008 and above
DNN 9x support
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DNN 6x support
DNN 5x support
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What's New?
Ver 3.4.0
DNN 7.3.1 Support
Ver 3.3.0
DNN 7.0.3 Support
Ver 3.2.0
DNN 7.0 Support
DNN on Windows Azure Ready
Ver 3.1.0
DNN 6.2.2 Support
Ver 3.0.0
DNN 6.1.5 Support
Few Bug Fixes
Ver 2.9.0
DNN 6.1.2 Support
DNNSharp - My Tokens Support : MyTokens allow including dynamic content from database or Http Requests (could be Web Services) in static places and are also very useful for achieving seamless integration between otherwise isolated components.
Ver 2.7.1
Add SEO title,description and tags to each content.
XHTML compliant design
Performance optimizations
Ver 2.0.0
Module now supports content versioning. So now edit your content without worrying of any loss of data. You can always go to version history and restore a old version. And what's more? Content versioning is handled by default and there is ZERO performance overhead while displaying the content. Versions are maintained in separate tables and thus fetching time to view content remains the same no matter how long the version history goes
Templatized content change notification emails. Now you can configure your module to send out content change mails to configurable email IDs. You can even configure to send mails to different persons for content changes in different languages. All this can be enabled/disabled from the module settings.
Module now has improved its integration with dotnetnuke search.This means you will get better results/hits when searching your multilanguage content through DNN search
Natively complied and separate PAs to support DNN 04.06.00 and above and DNN 05.00.01 and above installations.
Updated documentation included in PDF Format.
Ver 1.2.1
Export/Import will now Export will now create exact copy of the module. All content along with module settings can be exported and and when imported you will get all the contents (in all languages) plus the modules settings. The import can be done on same portal or any other portal where the module is installed.
Available as 100% free upgrade for existing customers of version 1.2.
Ver 1.2
Now with support of DNN Token replacement features for details of token replacement benefits read here.
Change Notifications. Now You can configure this module in a way that if anyone changes the contents of the module a email notification is sent to configurable email ID. This feature is especially useful in environments where multiple users are editing the site content and site admins want to have special attention on few parts of the site.
New version includes a demo/trial version as well
Full support for DNN 5x (DNN 05.xx.xx)
Please note that This module is now supports DNN Version 04.06.00 and above. If you need to use a version below 4.6 please email us at support at dnncentric.com.
Ver 1.2
Module Title Localization. Now you can easily localize module title as well.
Module Settings for choosing default language in case no content is available in current site language.
New Button “Update & Return” introduced on edit page.