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What's New?
Version 3.7.0
  • DNN 7.4.0 Ready
  • Ajax sortable grid
Version 3.6.0
  • DNN 7.3.0 Ready
Version 3.5.0
  • DNN 7.1.1 Ready
Version 3.4.0
  • DNN 7.0.6 Ready
Version 3.3.0
  • DNN 7.0.3 Ready
Version 3.2.0
  • DNN 7.0 Ready
Version 3.1.0
  • DNN on Windows Azure Ready
Version 3.0.0
  • DNN 6.2.4 Support
Version 2.9.0
  • DNN 6.2.2 Support
Version 2.8.0
DNN 6.2.1 Support
Version 2.7.0
New Feature IsActive with Category & Field Control Type
New Feature Integration of new regular expression for email id
Version 2.6.0
New Feature Recaptcha Integration (Support for DNN 6x & DNN5x)
Version 2.5.0
New Feature Google conversion tracking after user has clicked send form.
New Feature Default Value for Checkbox.
Version 2.4.0
DNN 6.1.5 Support
New Feature You can add "SSN" validation to text-boxes (or watermark text-boxes).
New Feature You can add custom validation (and regex) and customize error messages at field level.
Version 2.3.0
DNN 6.1.3 Support
Few Bug Fixes
Version 2.2.0
New Feature: Customize size/style of WaterMark caption Text
Version 2.1.0
DNN 6.1.1 support
New Feature: Set required field after control
Version 2.0.0
DNN 6.0 Support
New Control: Watermark Textbox. You can now embed the field caption inside the textbox itself as a watermark.
New Control: Auto Increment Field with lots of customizability options
New Email/display Tokens: For CurrentDate,CurrentTime,ClientIP, ReferringURL
Workflow Enhancement: Now attach Calender Appointments with email
Default field values can now have SQL queries. That means you can run any query to initialize your field default values.
New feature: Form Validation, now create validation rules based on multiple fields on the form
New enhanced date picker
Version 1.9.1
New feature : SQL Post Workflow. Now insert the form submission data to any table or call any stored procedure. What more? Specify the connection string of the destination database as well. So virtually maintain copies of your data anywhere on internet.
Viewing of form submission data is optimized for speed now. So no matter you have 100 or 100,000 form submissions. Viewing or downloading the data will be at ease.
All workflows now work independent of each other. So if you disable email workflow then the SQL post workflow will keep on functioning as is.
Improved admin page theming so that they respect DNN module theming CSS.
Version 1.7.11
New Control "Rich TextBox" support added
Fixed: Issues related to email formatting with field names in German Language
Now format "required field indicators" the way you want
Submit button can now be on input type as well.
Emails now also include CC and BCC
Label Fields now can be created with Rich textboxes for easy formatting.
Changed the name of the module to from "Custom Forms" to "Custom Form creator" as old name conflicted with with a similar product from a different vendor. And more so the new name better matches the scope and goal of the product.
Now Send mails Asynchronously. (Why? because dramatically decrease the form submission time.)
Both Thank you page and "URL Redirect" options now support "Field Tokens".
Saved form data can now be deleted (one by one or all by one click).
While Customizing UI now choose from font sizes start from 5pt to 72pt
While customizing UI, you enter color in #code instead of picking a color name from the dropdown.
Now optionally set width of each field separately
Texboxes can now be limited with "maxLength"
Version 1.6.0
Intelligent default values: Now you can use dnn tokens, or session variables or query strings to initialize default values of various fields
The form has configuration page to quickly edit the look and feel (color, form width etc). However, for advanced users now you can format the CSS directly to change the look and feel of the module.
New Control: Label (html supported)
New Control: country list box (dnn default)
Collapsible Categories: Group your fields in various collapsible categories. Very helpful in case you have very long forms. You can collapse a few sections on the form by default and user will have to click on them to expand. (check out the demo page to see it functioning).
Now your email template page, thank you page all support FCK editor. So edit your HTML directly.
Specify the position of field captions (top or left)
New workflow step: now save your form submission data before sending the email. So you can visit the module any time and see submitted records. What's more, just click on download and get a xml file with all form submitted data till now. This XML file can easily be opened in Ms Excel. (refer supplied PDF user manual for more details)
Now select "allow multiple email addresses" validation on your textbox type fields
Optimally show captcha only to anonymous users
Resize captcha image from configurations page
Module has a great feature where you can send preformatted table of user submitted values in email. Now, you can even format these email tables through CSS editing.
Dropdown list items with associated emails. Very usable option if for eg you need to add a new departments dropdown with associated email addresses. So you can route your form submission result to different email IDs based on the selected department.
Customize your email from address to be picked from one of your field labels only
Import/Export : Module now supports IPortable. What this means is that you can export your module content in xml file and use this xml file to create your form content on in other DNN site.
As always every new feature supports multilanguage interfaces.
Version 1.2.0
Fully localized date Picker. Now the Date Picker control will render Date picker in page locale's Format
Optionally Show/Hide category Headers display (configurable through forms layout).
Smart Date Range validation.For eg Enter "Today-30d" as min allowed date and "Today+30d" as max allowed date for a date field validation. AS you can guess the date along with date picker is validated from current date - 30 days to +30 days. You can also set min/max or default date for a field to FirstDayOfMonth,LastDayOfMonth etc
Better support for both friendly and non friendly URL based DNN sites.
Improved License Information and EULA
Version 1.1.0
Wider entry screen for adding/editing fields.
Better formatting of "$(AutoFieldValuelist) " email token. Now, if you use this token to create emails, you will receive a well formatted table with all field values grouped with categories.
Improved Default selection for Dropdownlist, Checkbox list and radio button list.
Module renamed from "Multilanguage email forms" to "Custom Email Forms (Multi language)".
Product Logo changed to better explain the purpose of the module.
version 1.0.1
Better demo page. Now go to our demo page, login/register to the site and you will get admin access to the module. Checkout the various admin pages. Configure and create a trial form before you purchase it.
Email sending now enabled to write on any SMTP port.