Custom Form Creator



Custom form Creator is a DNN Module to create custom or dynamic email forms. You can create different type of form fields and group them into categories, sort them, Hide/ unhidden them the way you want.

Once the form is submitted, you can configure it to send out any number of emails that too in multiple languages.

Each email sent can have a different content. The sent data is recorded on server and can be exported to excel/XML easily.

The module has a very intuitive User interface that makes it easy to create simple forms with vertical layout. Most of the features are designed to work out of the box.

Module comes with flexible features for creating and maintaining forms in multiple languages. For e.g. if you add a drop down field on your form, you can create localized items in the drop down in each language.

You can optionally configure, the form to be redirected to a different page after a successful submit.

Supported features at a glance

User Defined input fields.
User can choose variety of control types for building your forms like ...
Text Box (single and multi line) Dropdown List
Rich Text Box Radio Button List
Check Box List List Box
Check Box File Upload Controls (multiple instances on same page)
Date Picker Time Picker
Country Dropdown List Country Dropdown List (Multi Language)
WaterMark Text Box Labels(HTML supported)
Hidden Field Auto Increment Field
Customizable Form layout
Easily change back color, fore color, font, width, and alignment etc of the form right from the UI. No need to edit CSS files
Manage Work Flows
Module supports multiple workflows. like ...
Save submitted data Send multiple emails (field tokens supported)
Post to different SQL server tables (field tokens supported) Call different SQL stored procedures (field tokens supported)
Show Thank you page (field tokens supported) Redirect to a a different page (field tokens supported)
Manage Email Template
Emails are templatized and you can create them in different languages. So for e.g. if a user submits a form in French, then he can receive a thank you email in French only
Native Multilanguage support
Module supports Multilanguage features right from the interface (with a intuitive UI). This feature is only available if your site has "more than one language" enabled.
Edit dynamic content
Create your own Error Messages (Error messages that come during validation can all be localized)
Captcha based form entry
You can optionally allow captcha validation before form submission

Optionally show captcha only to anonymous users
Intelligent default values
You can use dnn tokens, or session variables or query strings to initialize default values of various fields
Configure Form layout
The form has configuration page to quickly edit the look and feel (color, form width etc). However, for advanced users now you can format the CSS directly to change the look and feel of the module
Collapsible Categories
Group your fields in various collapsible categories. Very helpful in case you have very long forms. You can collapse a few sections on the form by default and user will have to click on them to expand
Email template and Thank You Page HTML Supported
Your email template page, thank you page all support FCK editor. So edit your HTML directly
Specify the position of field captions
Now you can specify the position of field captions by selecting given options(top or left)
Save Form Data
Save your form submission data before sending the email. So you can visit the module any time and see submitted records. What's more, just click on download and get an XML file with all form submitted data till now. This XML file can easily be opened in Ms Excel
Allow multiple email addresses
Select "allow multiple email addresses" validation on your textbox type fields  
Resize Captcha
Resize captcha image according to your look and feel of form, from configurations page
Email preformatted table of user submitted values
Module has a great feature where you can send preformatted table of user submitted values in email. Now, you can even format these email tables through CSS editing  
Dropdown list items with associated emails
Very usable option for e.g. if you need to add a new departments dropdown with associated email addresses. So you can route your form submission result to different email IDs based on the selected department  
Customize Email ‘ from’ address
Customize your email from address to be picked from one of your field labels only  
Module now supports I Portable. What this means is that you can export your module content in xml file and use this XML file to create your form content on in other DNN site

DNN Compatibility

Microsoft Azure Cloud Ready
Evoq Ready
DNN 9x Compatible
DNN 8X Compatible
DNN 7.x Compatible
DNN 6.x Compatible
DNN 5.x (contact us for DNN Upgrade)
DNN 4.x (contact us for DNN Upgrade)
SQL 2008 Express and above

30 Days Money Back guarantee

Try our module, if it does not serve your purpose or does not work for you. We will refund your full money. However please note that this money back guarantee does is only valid till one month from date of purchase and does not apply to "source code included" options.

Products Upgrades

You will receive free upgrades for any bug fixes/major or minor releases up to 6 months from date of purchase for portal and standard versions and 1 year for enterprise versions.
Product upgrades are released through Store Patch/Update service.
Product upgrades can also be received over mail by sending order ID on support at

Help and support

Package contains a user guide.PDF for details on how to use this module. If you need more direct assistance then please open a helpdesk ticket and our support staff will assist you right away.

Feature Request?

You are welcome to suggest a feature to any of the existing module or suggest a completely new module.

Theming Assistance?

The module provides all easy ways to customize the look and feel. However, we will be happy to assist if some help is required to match your style.

Bespoke Development?

Your needs are different and unique? You need a custom module. Please fill the form with your requirements and we will give you a free quote along with timeline and estimate.