Specs and release notes

Portal License
Standard License
Enterprise License
Enterprise License w/ Source
Standard Features
Advanced Features
SQL 2008 and above
SQL 2008 and above
SQL 2008 and above
SQL 2008 and above
DNN 9x support
DNN 8x support
DNN 7x support
DNN 6x support
DNN 5x support
DNN 4x support
Source Code
Single DNN Portal
Multiple portals
on one DNN installation
Multiple portals and
multiple DNN installations
Same as enterprise License
plus Source code
What's New?
Version 2.6.0
DNN 7.3.0 Support
Version 2.5.0
DNN 7.1.1 Support
Version 2.4.0
DNN 7.0.3 Support
Version 2.3.0
DNN 7.0 Support
DNN on Windows Azure Ready
Version 2.2.0
DNN 6.1.4 Support
Few bug fixes
Version 2.1.0
DNN 6.1.1 Support
New Feature:Show First Question Expanded on Page Load
Few bug fixes
Version 2.0.0
DNN 6.0 Support
New Themes
Few bug fixes
Version 1.9.3
Import/Export FAQs
Import/Export Module Settings.
Setting to show/hide FAQ Numbering.
Category drop-down now shows subcategory to Narrow down filtering.
Themes now can be applied and view on the spot (i.e At same Page we create and and apply and make a preview of it).
Now one can add and edit FAQ on View page having Edit permission.
Tip How one can add XML content as Answer.
Now each page have Home button that can directly navigate to home page from wherever he is.
Quick edit and add question links
Sorting enhancements
Version 1.7.2
New Search Bar. Now add a search bar native to the module. Completely themable.
Fixed: CSS theme editing issue
Fixed: DNN Search not working
Fixed: Permalink not working
Fixed: Expand one question at a time not working in specific cases
Version 1.5.8
New feature: You can now configure all questions to be expanded by default on page load.
Issue fixes related to New DNN 5.4.1 version compatibility
Issue fixes related to Permalink and default module titles
Version 1.5.5
Expand all/collapse all link
Sub categories (up to three level deep)
Permalink feature for each question
New animation effects
New feature to expand only one question at a time
Version 1.2.4
Module Now supports Module Title Localization.
You can now optionally set category name to be displayed in module title.
Improved category Selection UI.
Improved default category selection
version 1.2.0
Module now supports DNN Search. So you can search your localized content through DNN search box and matching FAQs will be displayed along with other results.
Permalink: you can now enable display of Permalink in FAQs. Permalinks give you a "permanent link" to that FAQ post. You can refer to a specific FAQ through its permalink.
Auto Expand: When you land to the FAQ page through a permalink or a DNN Search. You will see the reffered FAQ expanded and scrolled to browser visible area.
You can now move questions from one category to other.
version 1.1.0
Now easily import Core FAQ questions in categories. Import routine creates a log file for errors and does not overwrite your existing data without your permission.
Now easily create new Theme CSS from the module itself. The theme editor will now allow you to create a new theme from existing ones.
Native support for DNN 5X. Now module supports portal wise languages introduced from DNN 5x. The package includes PA for both DNN 4x and 5x versions